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When I watch you sleep, I can feel your warmth and love radiate from you even though you are away in your dreams, but when you turn and I can see your pretty face, your smile letís me know I am in your thoughts. When we are alone in bed and my arms are around you with our skin touching, it makes me feel as though I am whole, like a piece of me has always been missing. I have waited a long time to feel this way. And now you are carrying my child. I could not wish for anyone else whom I would want to be the mother of my child. I can only hope, if it is a girl, she has the same blue eyes I get lost in when I gaze at your face. If it is a boy, I hope he can learn to love the way you have shown me to love. You are so perfect in my eyes. I wish I could only describe in words what I feel only half of the time, but there are none that could touch what I feel. It is as if you are my drug and I am on a high that will never allow me to fall. I love this high and hope you and I always can soar together, and in time, fall the same.

I Love you!!