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Disclaimer: This site is not a paid advertisement. No party from the City of San Diego, private or other is(are) profiting from this site in any way, shape or form ALL material and text are strictly for entertainment of the viewers.

This is my tribute to the city of San Diego. Within this page I have included pictures, descriptions and web pages to selected areas of San Diego. I apologize if some links are outdated, or non-existent. I do audit this site from time to time, and I assure you I am doing my best to make sure everything is working in proper order.

San Diego is known for its' people, climate, and many other characteristics, which has given San Diego the title "America's Finest City". If you have never been San Diego, but plan to one day, you will not want to miss sunsets such as this:

Arial Photo of "The Cove"

La Jolla, Spanish for "The Jewel", is one of the prettiest beaches in San Diego and is home to Seal Beach, which is an area of the beach where seals can be viewed from a distance. La Jolla is also known for having some of the biggest waves in San Diego. Surfers have there "Hay Days" before and after storms, when the surf is at its´┐Ż peak. Most swells can reach head height and the waves can tower up to 10-12 feet at times. La Jolla is not the only coastline within San Diego limits that has high surf. Del Mar, Torrey Pines, and parts of Oceanside can also have excellent surf but, I spend most of my time here, in La Jolla, for the view, serinity of the waves, and sometimes just to wade in the water.

Surfs up

a Portion of The Shoreline

Another quality of San Diego that has a spetactular scene is The Downtown area. Here, in the downtown area, is where most of the history starts for the city of San Diego. One of the most noticable features in the downtown area is the Hyatt Hotel (below).

The Hyatt, standing over 40 stories in the San Diego Skyline, is tallest water front hotel on the West Coast. At the top is a bar that overlooks the Seaport Village.

-Other Photos of Downtown-

The Star of India

corporate buildings in the valley

This was only a taste of what San Diego is all about. I could write forever about what I know, but I decided to add some links to those of you who made it thus far. This way you can guide yourself to where ever you want to go. Click on the links below to start your self-guided tour

For instance, The Travel Guide will take you to most places like the world famous San Diego Zoo. Or you can visit Shamu at Sea World

If you are planning a trip or just browsing the net, San Diego Insider, an affiliate of San Diego Cox Cable, is a great place to get information such as dining, nights out on the town, or just relaxing with a movie, or you can visit our San Diego City page. Check it out!!

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