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General Info: Things that keep me busy:

Some of the things that Interests me:

Well, for starters, I am simple and adventurous. I like lying on the beach or walking along the coast watching sunsets, or sitting at home and watching a movie, but also like the fast paced, heart beating adrenaline that makes your head spin. Roller coasters are my favorite example. I am laid back, easy to talk to and will give an opinion when appropriate.

Chinese Medicine:
Chinese culture and medicine fascinates me. I learned the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) from my Uncle, who is a practitioner and teacher of TCM. He taught me so much about acupuncture, herbs, and meditation. Reading books, and understanding the philosophy behind TCM has changed how I treat myself when I am ailed by the simplest things, like the common cold to extremities of stress. TCM differs from the Western style mainly because Western medicine covers or masks the problem(symptom) until the body recovers. TCM finds the root of the problem and treats what causes the symptoms. Each person is different, so different people will get different treatments. By rebalancing the body through acupuncture, herbs, and massage, the body can be healed without the side effects that Western medicine can cause. TCM is complicated, so, I am posting a thesis I wrote for college. For my personal experience and oversite of TCM, please visit my Intro to Chinese Medicine Site If it is not there, keep checking back, I am just getting around to updating my pages.

Chinese Medicine Sites:
  1. Acupuncture Questions
  2. Acupuncture, herbs, and massage

Since I was a kid, I always enjoyed music. I listen to enliven memories, feel good, and relax. When I was about fourteen years old, I got my first guitar, which was a classical. My uncle started me out on the acoustic for about six months and I gradually got better and started to learn on my own. I eventually got my second guitar, a "Dean Z. Autograph". Later I joined a band called Oblivion. Soon after I became a guitar tech for the same band, but the name of the band was changed to Epitaph (now Brick Bath). I got the opportunity to travel as well as meet other bands. Some local bands along with a few bigger names. Over the years, I learnt to respect all types of music (I am a sucker for the Spanish Guitar). I listen to everything from Classical to Thrash. Down below are some bands that I listen to and there Homepages. I hope you go to them and enjoy.
Metal - Megadeth, Metallica, Creed, *Heavy Metal Sites 1
New Age - Enigma, Hergest Ridge, , *New Age Artists 1
Rock - *Rock And Roll Sites 1
Blues - Stevie Ray Vaughn, *Blues Sites 1, 2
Celtic - Enya *Celtic Sites 1, 2, 3
Classical - Johann Sabastian Bach, *Classical Sites 1
San Diego Radio Stations - Rock 105.3FM KIOZ, Rock 101.5FM KGB, Smooth Jazz 98.1FM KIFM, 91X The Cutting Edge of Rock
*Too many to list... Sites provided