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Excellent Homemade Chili

  • 2 approx 20-28 oz. cans Chili Beans not drained
  • 1 approx 15oz can of kidney beans and/or black beans, but must be drained and rinsed
  • 1 lb ground beef or turkey meat 99% fat free (*substitutions below)
  • 1 Md. coarsely chopped onion (Or generous amounts of dried onions)
  • 3 garlic cloves minced
  • 1 Pkg. of a Burrito or chili seasoning (The flat packages you find in the store)

  • 1 Small can of tomato paste
  • 5 large tomatoes cut into eighths then mashed (If room permits), or large can diced tomatoes, but drained and rinsed well


    1) In a large frying pan, Cook meat, seasonings, kidney and/or black beans, garlic and chopped onions. If meat is frozen, add seasonings, beans, garlic, and onions, after meat thaws in pan, to prevent burning.
    2) After meat and ingredients are cooked thoroughly, move to large pot. Add chili beans, and tomatoes over high flame until boils. Reduce flame to low and stir often until chili bubbles consistently(About 25-30 minutes).

    Works well in burritos and over chips. Add lettuce, cheese, and extra tomatoes then enjoy

    1) Use Tofu - Cut tofu in about 1/2" - 1" cubes put in frying pan (I use a wok) with spices (Use only enough spices to coat the tofu on all sides. Amounts may vary depending on liking) and cook until all sides have a crust on them (Well browned). Add tofu and rest of ingredients in a pot and bring to a bubble. The crust gives the tofu a not so spongy bite to it. You'll never know the meat is missing!!

    If you do not mind the spongy feel of tofu, just throw all ingredients in pot and boil!

    2) Vegetarian - Use carrots instead of meat. Cut carrots (Quantity to liking, About 6-8 large carrots) in quarters (The length of the carrot) and then again in quarters (So you have about 1" - 1 1/2" quartered strips). Cook all ingredients until carrots are to desired toughness. You can add corn as well for added favor and nutritional value

    -- >Left overs or other cooking ideas:

    1) Add half cooked pasta (Shells, or swirls.. About 1 pkg) into the mix (During bubbling phase of above directions). 2) Add corn bread